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Do you think that you can you have a successful practice that will bring in the income you want AND enough time and energy for fun in your life?

A few years ago, when I was really super-busy with a full practice, I got a message loud and clear from my body; a big fat NO. My adrenals were speaking after having 2 babies close together I segued directly from postnatal to peri-menopause while running 3 small business.

I had to stop and reassess how I could make things work and this workshop is the fruit of my reflections on what makes a successful practice as a health practitioner.

You will find out the three elements that will help you work out:

  1. How to feel deeply nourished by your work instead of depleted.
  2. How to have heaps of fun working with clients that you love
  3. How to actually make a reasonable living without busting your body so you can have a long, satisfying career

Radical balance (1)

It’s radical

... because it’s about tapping into your purpose EVEN when you don’t know what that is yet.

Because maybe, you can help more people than you could imagine in an entirely different way.

Your greatest hurt is your

It’s about success

... because we’ll investigate how you can feel nourished and satisfied by your work without giving away all your energy to other people. But by having a balanced attitude to what you can sustain in the world.

Create an abundant mindset

It's a formula

... because that sounds pretty cool; like I had a plan, when in fact I've stumbled my way through a 24-year career in natural therapies and this is what I've learned by trial and error. Now I can share it with you and save you some pain.

Full workshop notes to download too!


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