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Now you’ve finished your training and impatient to take your skills into the world to help the people you know will benefit from your therapy. There’s no doubt that the world needs your skills but there’s so much to think about:


  • How are you going to reach them?
  • What sort of practice will suit you, home based or in an office?
  • How do you get a website up and running?
  • How can you stand out from the crowd?
  • How can you best communicate what you do?
  • How do you get found on Google searches?

This affordable online course was created with new therapists in mind to cover all the basics of marketing your practice and creating a solid base for a sustainable career.


It will give you the information you need to get up and running and attracting clients to your practice.


  1. Your Values – your values are the cornerstone from which you will build a successful practice.
  2. Envision – accessing your dream practice from your subconscious, to align your heart with your work.
  3. Your pricing – how to work out the right price for you and your clients
  4. Super you – understand how your unique qualities and passions define your unique selling point.
  5. Know your client – work out how to communicate effectively 1-2-1 and online by defining your ideal clients’ problems and desires.
  6. Beautiful brand you – learn how to develop your branding to reflect your unique offering
  7. Create your therapy website – learn how to build a WordPress website from web hosting to making your site beautiful.
  8. Get yourself found – learn how to optimise your website to be found by local clients on Google search.

Most therapy trainings are delighted to enroll as many students as possible, then chuck you out into the world with no education on how to establish and build a practice; it's no wonder that so many of us flounder. The good news is that you can learn these skills and you can build a practice that will serve you as well as the clients you serve.

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