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Why values are important

Embodying your values is one of the corner stones of your business, alongside your being clear about what you’re offering and identifying your perfect client.

Embodying your core values is very different from a goal orientated approach to work, though goals are nice too sometimes! The practice is focused instead on how you are being in the present moment, with clients, with your computer or with yourself, irrespective of how much you earn or whether you reach your goals. When you are aligned with your core values, life is meaningful and satisfying.

There will, of course, be times when you are not acting in alignment with your values. For example for a long time, my value was kindness and I held an intention to be kind to myself, other people and the planet. I set up the intention to be kind each morning before I get up and reflected on the events of the day through a sort of ‘kindness lense’ before I went to sleep at night.

Obviously, there were times when I was mean and grumpy with my family, or I took on too much work and wore myself out. The trick here was to let go of judging myself and start again, resetting the intention to be kind. And noticing mindfully, my progress through the day. Don’t get me wrong, I had to re-align A LOT, as I was constantly noticing that I was going off track. This ‘noticing’ is part of the process of becoming aware and painful as it can be, is crucial if we are to live our values.

The effect was remarkable though.

  • I noticed was that decisions became easier and I was much less prone to dithering or acting out of obligation,
  • I was happier in myself,
  • It became much clearer what I wanted and what would be good for me and my business
  • Because of all this, I was much more relaxed and grounded

Needless to say, my work flourished as a result, with more of the right sort of clients booking in, because I was feeling successful from the inside out.

Sandra Swan, in our discussion about values, pointed out that sometimes our core values are not shiny and nice, they may not be what we wish they were!

Getting the right word can take some time too, what resonates for one person may not be a good fit.

The only way to find out is to try it out for size and observe what happens in your life.

What to expect

‘Feel Your Success’ will help you identify your core values and help you to embody them more in your working life – then you’ll feel satisfaction and success from the inside out, whatever life throws at you. Life as a therapist or birth worker isn’t always easy and in challenging times, we need to have solid values to keep us steady.

be your values on screen

This workshop consists of a meditation track to help you delve down and identify the values that mean most to you and a structure to help you ground these values into your daily life.



“I’m going to change the text of my morning alarm on iPhone to say COMMITTED so that it reminds me. I do feel more motivated to get things done. Blocks notwithstanding, I have more respect for myself.”

Caroline Svitana,  Happy Soles Reflexology and Yoga


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