Awesome, ethical people required!

Many talented therapists and birth workers struggle because though they have a passion for supporting and healing, they lack business and marketing skills. By signing up to the Kate Codrington Online affiliate scheme you will be helping your colleagues and students to build their confidence, learn online marketing skills and build a successful business.

For each person that you bring to this website, you will earn an impressive 30% commission! The catch? Well there isn’t one really, if you are going to be my salesforce, I may as well pay you properly ; ) The terms and conditions are here and if you are interested in applying, I recommend you check them out to make sure you understand the deal.

Who is this for?

  • Bodywork and therapy teachers
  • Health professionals and therapists
  • Owners of bodywork and therapy schools
  • Workshop leaders who have therapists attend their workshops
  • Doula trainers

You can earn you referral fee each time someone clicks a special link and buys How To Blog To Attract More CLients. It will be promoted 8th-18th September.


This will work if

  1. You’re available to promote the course 8th-18th September
  2. You tell your students or colleagues to click on your unique link once you log in on this page. Sorry, word of mouth recommendations don’t trigger a payment.
  3. You give me the correct email for your Paypal account
  4. Are reasonably comfortable with social media
  5. Would be able to make social media posts, email your therapist friends and/or write blog posts to promote Reach Your Ideal Clients.

I’ve made a promotion pack with text for emails and social media posts as well as images, to make it really easy for you.

I won’t be accepting everyone who applies, it’s really important to me that I align Kate Codrington online with colleagues who share the same ethics and are able to promote the courses appropriately. I’m sure you understand! I’ll let you know if you’re accepted within the next few days.

I aim to be as transparent as I can, once you have registered you’ll be able to return to this page and login. Here you will find images for social media along with all the statistics of how many people have visited the site through your link, how many have purchased and how much you have earned etc.